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Importing table data into a grid provides the whole line in each column.

I'm trying to import a CSV file into a grid using the dialog to import table data and while a new grid opens, each of the columns seems to contain the whole line instead of only the values of one column. This can be seen in the second and third attached screenshot by looking at the first row, the column headline and the scrollbar at the bottom. The second screenshot is for the column "id" and it's content is highlighted, but seems to contain the whole line. The third screenshot is the next column "real_estate" and the content is that for a whole line again, but NOT highlighted. When scrolling back at that point, the column "id" is shown again WITH a highlighted row. So this really means that two different columns with two different values are shown.

Would be great if you could have a look and fix if necessary. Otherwise I suggest better docs on how to use that grid, because I simply don't understand it and couldn't find it better explained in the docs.


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This is a regression that will be addressed in a maintenance release.

I have created a ticket for this. 

Thanks for reporting.



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