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Pad numbering of export tosplit file


I would like to see padding in the numbering of export to split file. Now, one gets

  • file_1.csv
  • file_10.csv
  • file_11.csv
  • file_2.csv
  • ...
  • file_9.csv
Handling/combining those files needs more effort. Also, if you should implement import of split files it might even be prerequisite to have padded numbering like
  • file_01.csv
  • file_02.csv
  • ...
  • file_09.csv
  • file_10.csv
  • file_11.csv
if the order of import is deemed to be important.

The problem of not knowing how many files will get created at the beginning might be resolved by initially using temporary file names, managing a list internally and only after the last file has been completed, the files get their final names (renaming) according to the list.

Varma hälsningar

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Hi Thiemo

Thanks for the suggestion. I will add this as a improvement suggestion. 

Best Regards, 


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