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Follow-up to "variable as drop down list in sql commander?"


I second the old topic of drop-down lists.

However, I deem it impractical to have a raw SQL statement for the list. Instead, I propose to have the possibility to reference a view and the user is responsible that the view only contains a single column. I feel it would not be necessary to type beforehand as the type is defined by the view/table specifics. So, to the times String, Integer etc. there would be a new type View.

Alternatively, I would appreciate the variable type List_String, List_Integer, etc.  I did not check, whether there is already a setting for a delimiter. An example for this could be:

${Status description||parser_passedǁdata_load_psa_ok||String||Where}$


 Varma hälsninger


Hi Thiemo

Just some questions so we understand this correctly.

Raw SQL Statement

You talking about that it would be impractical to have a raw SQL statement as the list. I'm not sure this was the intention described in the old forum post.

The thought sollution was to allow for a definition like the following example outlines (Selecting cars of a specific color).  

Select * from cars where color = ${Color || Blue#Red#Green || || list=true}$

Running the above would prompt with the list values Blue/Red/Green a choosable values.


Maybe I misunderstood your suggestion?

VIEW solution.

Regarding the VIEW mechanism you are describing. I understand is as something like:

Select * from cars where color = ${Color || ColorsValues || || valuessource=table}$

In the database there should be a view (or table) named ColorsValues:



Is this how you envisioned this?


I'm not exactly sure what you are referring to here. Could you elaborate?

Hej Ulf

Apparently, I misunderstood the original intent. I was under the impression that it would be like

Select * from cars where color = ${Color || Select distinct Value from ColorsValues || || valuessource=SQL}$

I feel, it is impractical to have a lengthy statement in the variable code. But from the explanations you gave, I see that the original intent is exactly what I meant with delimiter solution.

Your shown view solution is exactly what I had in mind.

Hope, my explanations help.



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