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tab folders please

Please implement tab folders or grouping of tabs. I have too many tabs open, most of which are for projects other than the one I'm currently working on, however I don't want to close them because they have the most current, working queries when I do context-switch back to those projects. Yes I could save to a file but then I would have to dig out the right file from a list that could easily be hundreds long. Users should be able to close a folder of tabs and then restore them via a recent tab/folder history, like with individual queries.

As a comparison, there are many browser tab folder extensions, but even without one you can naturally group tabs yourself by separating them by project in separate windows. Unfortunately I can have only one window of DBVis at a time.

Renaming tabs by directly double-clicking on them (like Excel tabs), as opposed to right-clicking in the menu, would be a big help as well. Sounds like a tiny difference but I think it would surprise you how much more accessible it becomes.

Thank you.



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Thanks for the suggestion. We will add this as  a feature request

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