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Export result set: export delimiter combobox not visible

I'm using Ubuntu 20.04, DbVisualizer Free 12.0.7 and i3 tiling window manager.

I am trying to export a result set to CSV and set the "Column Delimiter" to ;.

When I press the arrow next to the combobox I get TAB selected but nothing else gets displayed.

I did some digging and it turns out that the selection options for when I press arrow is displayed behind the "Export Grid" window. Maybe you know why?


Thanks for your post.

Is there a difference if you use the standard WM for Ubuntu?



Yes, there is a difference. It works there.

Even in other tiling window managers, like XMonad and Qtile, everything works. The problem seems to be in i3.

And since DbVisualizer is a proprietary software, i3 will not / can not look at it since they don't have the source code. I also do now know what GUI components you are using and how so I could maybe write a sample program to demonstrate the problem.

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