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#47146 Using 64bit version with 64bit Java defined by PATH does not work

On my WinOS the default Java installation is 32bit. This should be kept.

In order to use DBvisualizer 64bit I installed a 64bit Java version v11.0.10

Then I created the following batch file to start 64bit DBvis and use the installed 64bit Java for it.

However  it does not work.
DBvis tells me with a warning popup:

"No JVM could be found on your system.
Please define EXE4J_JAVA_HOME to point to an installed 64-bit JDK or JRE"

Hmm other 64bit tools work with 64bit Java in a similar than in the batch script below. So why doesn't DBvis work? Temporarily prepending the path to 64bit Java to the overall PATH should give the 64bit Java a higher priority over other Java installations. THIS SHOULD work!


@echo off
set path_to_java64=D:\java\[x64]jdk\bin
if not exist "%path_to_java64%" (Echo Error: Unknown path to Java64=%path_to_java64% && pause && goto end )
set PATH=%path_to_java64%;%PATH%

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I suggest you download the DbVisualizer installer that includes Java 11. Much easier than managing scripts on your own. It won't affect any other Java apps in your OS.



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