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Corrupted UI few min after start

I hope somebody can help me. I use dbViz version 12.1.2 with openJDK 11.0.11, though I've seen this issue for a while (windows 10/128G of ram) A few minutes after connection is created, I see multiple windows overlaying each other that makes use of dbViz virtually impossible. Closing dbViz and reopening does help for a few minutes, but the issue inevitably returns. I observe this issue for a while now and it was super annoying. Anybody else was experiencing it? It looks like with every mouse click a new window pops up on top of previous windows. I have full licensed version of dbViz. I am attaching few images (one when it starts and the second just few seconds later and it's getting worse from there)

(26.4 KB)
(17 KB)

Hi Shimon

We need some more information to understand the problem. I have logged a support ticket and sent an email requesting a debug log.

If someone else is experiencing similar problems, please report this using "Help -> Contact Support" in DbVisualizer!

Regards / Peer

Thanks a lot! I have enabled debug window, but so far cannot reproduce it with debug window on (relatively easy without debug window) I'll contact support as soon as I reproduce the issue. It pops up randomly and I cannot pick up the moment when or why (I am not manipulating data, just viewing it)

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