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Corrupted UI few min after start

I hope somebody can help me. I use dbViz version 12.1.2 with openJDK 11.0.11, though I've seen this issue for a while (windows 10/128G of ram) A few minutes after connection is created, I see multiple windows overlaying each other that makes use of dbViz virtually impossible. Closing dbViz and reopening does help for a few minutes, but the issue inevitably returns. I observe this issue for a while now and it was super annoying. Anybody else was experiencing it? It looks like with every mouse click a new window pops up on top of previous windows. I have full licensed version of dbViz. I am attaching few images (one when it starts and the second just few seconds later and it's getting worse from there)

(26.4 KB)
(17 KB)

Thanks a lot! I have enabled debug window, but so far cannot reproduce it with debug window on (relatively easy without debug window) I'll contact support as soon as I reproduce the issue. It pops up randomly and I cannot pick up the moment when or why (I am not manipulating data, just viewing it)

Hi Shimon

We need some more information to understand the problem. I have logged a support ticket and sent an email requesting a debug log.

If someone else is experiencing similar problems, please report this using "Help -> Contact Support" in DbVisualizer!

Regards / Peer

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