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Collapse object tree element from within the element


I find myself scrolling a lot up and down because we have a couple of hundreds of elements in some categories.

I would appreciate if it was possible to collapse a tree category in the object tree using a context menu point of a single element, e.g. if I have expanded tables, I can call the context menu of any table element in the tree to collapse the tables to the tables category element.



The context element could be called something like "Collapse super-element".

Thanks for the suggestion. I will add an improvement request for this.

Regards Ulf

I have just discussed this with my colleagues and they pointed out to me that the function you are requesting is actually available through usage of the left-arrow key.

Imagine the following database object tree: 




   Table-C     (Selected)



If pressing the left arrow once the Tables node becomes selected. If pressing left arrow a second time the Tables node is collapsed (Table-A --> Table-E not visible any more).

In a similar way the nodes are expanded when using right-arrow key.  

Does this fulfill your needs?

Regards Ulf 

Hej Ulf

Great, it just does the trick. :-) Thanks for pointing out.

Kind regards


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