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Increase use of favorites


A part from opening the object behind a favorite, I do not see other possibilities. I would like to have according to the object type its specific context menu available. As an example, I prefer to open the tree object to have a quick glance at, for instance, column type.

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Hej Thiemo,

As you've discovered a favorite opens the object view tab for that object. In order to navigate to it in the Databases tab, click the link in the object view header. 

Med vänlig hälsning,


Hei Roger

Thanks for your quick reply. This is a nice hint to use the link in the header, but if the object view tab is open, I already have all the object information at hand in a bit other form than in the object tree. In that case, I would not navigate to the object tree, but close the object view and close it afterwards.

Med venlig hilsen


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