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@import with load/settings

When I'm importing an xls file into a table I can save all my configuration (columns, table name, and so on) into a setting file (template)

But How can I re-use this setting/file for playing it again without GUI ?

I suppose I have to run @import, but what is the keyword to specify my template ?

Hi Stephane, 

I'm afraid this is not possible at the time being. The reason for this is that the command line import (@import) has a lot more settings and capabilities than the GUI import.

You will have to include the settings as @import set in your import script.

And yes, I do agree that this is not optimal. I will add an improvement request for this.



Thanks, I understand...

Though, basically, what is the purpose of this "Load/Save" Settings in the "Import Table data" ?


In the GUI you may load and save different settings. Loaded settings is then used during the import.

An example when importing a "JanuaryEarnings.csv" file and you alter all sorts of parameters such as CSV delimiter etc. You may then save this as a predefined setting "EarningsSettings".

Next time to import a "FebruaryEarnings.csv" you will simply load the settings "EarningsSettings" and do the import. 



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