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Why does a Postgres resultset appear quicker in DBVis v 8.x than say Oracle?

with a ping there's definitely more latency to the Postgres database and it's geographically further from my desktop as well.

In dbvis when I run my query which is essentially the same against both databases the resultset for Postgres appears noticeable quicker than Oracle with the Oracle one showing 100 rows at a time 

"Fetching Result Set... 1.... rows" where it shows multiple's of 100 rows as they arrive.

The same query in Postgres immediately fills the resultset.

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DbVisualizer simply passes the queries to the JDBC driver that then does the hard work communicating with the database server. This is the same for all databases. However, you may look into tweaking JDBC Fetch Size in the connection properties for your PostgreSQL and Oracle connections. See attached. 

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