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Run import failes with "file not found"


It might seem an unconventional way to do export/import for data going by SQL-scripts. I did do it that way because csv does not seem to export clobs at least not with 12.0.5. Possibly this is an issue all by itself but it is not my point here.

I initially exported the clob files into the very same directory as the sql script. I decided then to move them to a subdirectory called clob and adapted the sql script prepending clob/ to the file name.


The import I wanted to do by a bookmarked script calling @run to run it outside the GUI. But this results in file not found error. While my doing might be highly irregular, but should work in my opinion. The original path to the clob files was relative and still is. But DbVis does look for them in the directory of the run script (Bookmarks) and not in the directory I changed to within the run script.




If this is intended behaviour, please let me know how I can load the data from the directory I put the files in. I do not want to pollute my Bookmarks folder.

Varma hälsningar


Hej Thiemo,

I can reproduce this issue.
This looks like a defect that we need to look into. I will register this and bring it up for discussion.
Thanks for taking the time to report it!



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Hej Thiemo,

Just to inform you that this is now fixed in version 13 and in 12.1.9. 

Easiest is that you open Help->Check for Update in DbVisualizer to perform the upgrade. An alternative is that you download from our website:



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