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Export only some objects from a schema, thru script

Hi toall.
If I need to export a schema or some of its objects, I can use the GUI, and it works fine.
BUT from the GUI interface I can save only the "settings", not the names of the objects I've selected, so if I use a script with "@export" commands, I can only load the saved settings: there's no way to insert object names (tables but also stored procedure, functions, triggers, ...) into the script.
It seems the script accepts only "select ... from [table]" commands...

So my questions are:
1) Does anybody know if is there a way to save the selceted objects in a GUI export session?
2) Does anybody know if Is there a way to insert object names (proc, functions, ...) in a @export script file?


Sergio, Italy

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Hi Sergio,

In the Log tab after running export of the schema, select all in the grid (Ctrl+A or Cmd+A). Then right-click and chose Load Selected Commands into New Editor. See attached:

This is the exact same script executed by the Export Schema in the DbVisualizer GUI. Just save the script to file and then run it with for example the command.-line interface dbviscmd, or load it in an SQL Commander in DbVisualizer.

I hope this is what you are looking for.

Best Regards


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