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Join tables in google bigquery


Wish you a good day!!

Currently evaluating pro version ,in which we tried to connect google bigquery database successfully , but we could not join the tables as we don't have primary and foreign keys in bigquery.

Is there any way to possible to join them in SQL commander ?

and also we would like to know how can we handle nested and repeated fields of bigquery using dbvis.

Would like to hear the plan for bigquery

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Joins on tables without PK should be possible in SQL Commander, but there will be no support in autocomplete if you do not have PK.

The the next major release of DbVisualizer (version 14), scheduled for after this summer, will contain support for Google BigQuery.

The BigQuery support comes with a specialised object tree, views and commands (create, alter drop etc) for BigQuery.

It will also support to edit nested and repeated data e.g struct or array in the grid.

Edit of struct and arrays use the text format (for struct “(value type)”, for array “[value1, value2,…]” ) , i.e. the same that can be used in INSERT/UPDATE.

Hope this answers your questions

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