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MAckBook -> DB visualizer --> MSSQL server on windows server

I have windows authentication on SQL server, previously when I used windows laptop I used to connect fine using MSSQL studio with windows authentication.

driver: SQL server JTDS

DbVisulizer Free version is being used, not sure if that is an issue.

My LAptop: MasOS Monterey

Error MEssg:

Login failed. The login is from an untrusted domain and cannot be used with Integrated authentication.


   Type: java.sql.SQLException

   Error Code: 18452

   SQL State: 28000

Observation: I was not able to find the Autentication mode and select windows autentication 

Below is the screenshot 


Tried following suggestion on this thread but not able to find the windows authentication option under authentication section. -



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I replied in the ticket but I will paste the reply and solution here for future reference:

The latest information on how to connect to SQL Server using SSO can be found here:

In some places I have seen Windows usernames specified as DOMAIN\username, you could try that and see if it helps.

Are you using any other applications with Windows authentication on your Mac? If possible it would be great if you could check if it is possible for you to authenticate with Windows authentication from your Mac at all.

When you were using a Windows laptop, were you logged in as an AD user? Is your Mac part of the same AD?

None of the above suggestions solved the issue.

What finally worked was setting Properties -> Driver Properties-> USENTLMV2 to true



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