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Import Table Data: Mysterious character replacements

When using the Import Table Data feature, I noticed a strange behaviour. Certain sequences of characters are replaced by a different character, like it was some kind of escaping.

I experienced the following replacements:

W36X  becomes  $

W123X  becomes  {

W125X  becomes  }

So there is a certain pattern here, but I have no idea if this is some undocumented feature or a bug.

I was using a simple UTF-8 text file with just two lines, and one string value on each line.

The behaviour is the same if the characters stand on their own or if they appear within a larger string.

I tried it out on different databases (Oracle 19c and H2 1.4), and with different settings in the Import Table Date dialog (different encodings etc.).

The result was always the same: characters getting replaced.

Product: DbVisualizer Pro 13.0.4 (build: 3296)

OS: Windows 10

OS Version: 10.0

OS Arch: amd64

Java Version: 11.0.14

Java VM: OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM

Java Vendor: Eclipse Adoptium

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Wow, that is strange. It's probably worth noting that those numbers (36, 123, 125) are the decimal values for the corresponding ASCII characters.

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