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Tab management

I often find myself with dozens, or even 50+ separate query tabs open at once, all related to various projects I'm multi-tasking on. As you can imagine, trying to recall what is in each tab is problematic. However I doubt I'm the only one with this problem.

I think DBVis needs to add or improve tab management features. The ability to group or nest tabs together, and to save multiple tabs into a single file, would be helpful. Previewing or indexing tabs or adding metadata might be useful. The old DBVis (version 7 or 8) allowed for multiple rows of tabs, keeping many more on-screen at once. Reducing "Untitled" to "X" or "Un." would allow for more tabs on-screen. Maybe showing/hiding tabs whenever the database connection changes (i.e. no reason to show tabs that are pointed at the non-active db).

I can't offer the perfect solution but my use of DBVis is getting more difficult. I know I am repeating queries (or at least large portions of queries) that are probably already open 35 tabs off-screen to the left. Thank you.


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We are planning to introduce a workspace concept which will allow grouping not only tabs but also connections, and other settings. Would that solve your specific use case?

I know it will not fully solve many tabs in a single workspace and we have another ticket to look into that.



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