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Import Data Wizard - Duplicated Field Content

Hello, A colleague and I have faced a similar issue in our Postgres database while using the wizard to import table data. In both instances, while the preview shows correct data in appropriate columns, the final import results in data being duplicated to the right in a row. This seems to occur with large strings (somewhere between 400 and 2000 characters). I don't have a decent screenshot on hand for an example, sorry - here's a little illustration. This is the table I should see: |col1 |col2 |col3|col4 | |apple |base |cold|(null)| And this is what actually shows up in the database: |col1 |col2 |col3|col4 | |apple |base |cold|cold | The last non null (or just not empty string) value gets pasted over to successive columns. I'll take a screenshot on Monday when I'm back at work, but I figured it was worth posting while the issue was in front of me. This happens on both the Mac and PC versions of DbVis, and with both csv, xls, and xlsx files. I've tried playing around with different import settings with no success.


Thanks. We will have a look at this.



Hi Jacob,

We have not been able to reproduce this - can you help us and provide some more information?

An example of a file that causes the problem and the versions of DbVisualizer and PostgreSQL would be helpful. 



Hi Ove,

Unfortunately, I can't provide the file itself because it contains confidential client information. I did try to replicate the issue with some Lorem Ipsum text myself and I couldn't, so I wonder if there could be special characters in the client text itself that is causing this issue?

I have provided screenshots to help clarify. The first is of the raw file I am attempting to import - note the blank columns to the right; these have information in other rows.

The second is the result after importing the file into DBVis- those previously blank fields now have the text from the left columns.

Product: DbVisualizer Pro 13.0.4 (build: 3296)
OS: Mac OS X
OS Version: 12.5.1
OS Arch: aarch64
Java Version: 17.0.2

PostgreSQL JDBC Driver

Those screenshots don't seem to be loading properly; I'll try again -




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