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Option to have "null" data mapped to empty string when copying and pasting a result set

I am currently using DbVis with a lot of ad-hoc queries that involve copying data from a query and pasting into an Excel spreadsheet.

The only annoyance is dealing with NULL fields.  I currently do a search-and-replace in Excel, looking for the value "(null)" and replacing with an empty string.

What I would like is for those fields to simply paste into Excel as an empty field.

Is there an existing option that does this, that I might have overlooked?

If not, could this be considered as a new feature?  The settings page (Tool Properties...General...Data Formats) already has a section for Null Values.

A minimal solution would just be another drop-down option in that section :-

 "Paste Null Value as: ",  with the options 

   - string literal "null"

   - empty string


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I have just been informed that I can already do this - change the "Display Null Value as" combo to an empty string.  That affects both the UI and data placed on the clipboard for pasting.

Thanks for the quick response, and I feel annoyed at myself for not spotting something so obvious.  :-)

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