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Create Oracle table by dialog: varchar2(XYZ char) problem


I am no sure whether I am doing something wrong or I have stumbled over an issue.

I am creating a table containing varchar2 attributes. When setting up the first column, I was asked whether to have it byte or char. In the following one, I was not asked and I could not find a way to make them char afterwards.

For me, it also is strange that the grid does not show the char definition one can see in the SQL code.


Kind regards



If you scroll down the pane, there should be a Length Semantics settings below the grid.



Hej Roger

I am a bit surprised about "rarely used settings". I hardly know any table without a string typed column. My experience with Oracle applicatio

ns is that the database is usually setup with byte (hysterical reasons) and one has to specify the char in the actual table definition. And Oracle is a rather common database. Even DB2 for LUW knows the string units specifications octets and CODEUNITS32. Maybe this is a specialty of Switzerland; and I cannot understand for sure, why the applications do not change to the char DB setup with their next DB upgrade.

I can live with that. Now, that I know, I should look for rarely used settings outside the grid where the rest of the settings is located. ;-)

Kind regards


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