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JSON output format

I was having a tools showdown today with a colleague (you shows me your tools, I'll show you mine) and we were demonstrating various aspects of the features we use daily in our preferred toolsets.  I use ~maybe~ 20% of the features of DbVis but I use the hell out of those features.  I showed him the transmogrify selection (a nod to "Calvin and Hobbes", you call it Morph Selection which is not nearly as fun) and the output selection as formatted text.  

His tool was DataGrip and he showed me a feature which allowed him to output his selection as JSON.  (I don't know if it was the entire result set or just the selection within the resultset).  

I'm doing a ton of stuff in AWS DynamoDB (via the CData DynamoDB JDBC drivers) and it would be so useful to be able to grab DbVis identified data as JSON formatted data to plunk back into Dynamo via the AWS console as a "Create Item" entry and plunk it in as JSON.  Even BETTER would be to allow using the AWS flavor of JSON which allows specifying a single letter designator as the data type.  I see JSON support for Postres since 9.2 so the code has to be in there. 

Maybe a tick or two in the Driver Manager configuration for "Supports JSON output"? I dunno the internals so I'm just speculating. 

I do know I would love to capture a portion of a results selection and have a "Copy Selection As" entry of "JSON" and perhaps "AWS JSON" if selecting multiple columns in a single row and a entry of "JSON Array" if selecting from multiple rows (regardless of how many columns) with a "use column names as keys" kinda tick box.

That would make my day.

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Hi, thanks for the suggestion. We will add this as a feature reques.

Best Regards


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