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[Data import] Make the setting of "stop on error" persistent


When I import data into a table, I usually opt for stopping on the first error. This might be just a personal preference to avoid error cluttered log. However, I do not understand why this option is not saved with import settings.

I understand that one can argue that the empty table option is too dangerous to have it set implicitly by the saved settings and one is required to set it manually each time (though I would prefer not to maybe opting out of this by a tool setting?).

Maybe it is all the settings in the last dialog that do not get persisted with the import settings save. I did not check.

Kind regards


Hi Thiemo,

I will register this and bring it up for discussion.
Thanks for taking the time to report it!
Kind Regards, 

Hej Ove

Thanks for taking care of it.

Kind regards



Hej Thiemo,

This was implemented in the latest release (23.1). To upgrade, open Help -> Check for Update in DbVisualizer.



Hej all

Thanks for letting me know.



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