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[Conditional compilation] support


I would welcome if DbVis supported conditional compilation blocks in so far as they get ignored (like removing comments in a preprocess). I actually am only aware of Oracle having this construct.

My point is that I maintain PL/SQL code with large chunks of SQL (selects of a for loop) decorated with conditional compilation blocks. I often copy those SQL statemants to DbVis to run them for the results. If I do not remove the conditional compilation blocks, I get


[Code: 911, SQL State: 22019] ORA-00911: Ungültiges Zeichen
  [Script position: 1 - 5]




Hej Thiemo,

This sounds like an interesting improvement. I will register the suggestion and bring it up for discussion.

Thanks for taking the time to suggest this, and for the link to the Oracle documentation.



Peer Törngren
DbVis Software
Stockholm, Sweden

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Hej Peer

Thanks for picking up the idea.



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