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Add ability to Search Tool Properties

DbVisualizer has an amazing array of flexible tool properties.  Thanks for that!  However, due to all this flexibility there are so many flexibly properties that sometimes it can be confusing to find what I'm after. 

So I wonder if it'd be possible to add a wildcard search to the Tool Properties.

I've seen this done elsewhere and it's really nice.  In particular, SQL Server Management studio properties, for example, have this feature built in.  Perhaps you could take a gander at this capability and see if it couldn't be implemented in DbVisualizer as well?

Thanks for considering.

Here's a screenshot of what I'm talking about as it exists in SQL Server Management Studio


Here's a concept of how I think it could potentially look in DbVisualizer:


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Hi Mike,

This is indeed something which may be useful. We have an open feature request to add search functionality to Tool Properties.

I will add your vote for it.



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