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[Import table data]


I often times find myself changing a lot wrongly identifed data types usually boolean but not too seldom number.


I would appreciate a button to set the most fitting file datatype from the database datataype, e.g. DB number(1, 0) -> file decimal number.

Maybe it is a good idea too to prevent file datatype boolean when working with DBs not supporting boolean datatypes - like Oracle.



Hi Thiemo,

Does the options available in the Map Column drop-down help?



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Doh! I never noticed that data type mapping option. I had assumed those options were only for mapping column names. That will come in handy. Thanks!

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Hej Roger

Thanks for pointing me to this option and replying so quickly.

To be honest, I overlooked this completely. But to me, on the other hand, the working of this drop down item is not intuitive. While the first two, match list items, the third changes the data type only. It is "on top of one of the two first options or after a manual matching process is finished". Having said that, a short test of the third menu item seems to do exactly what I was suggesting.



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