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Object tree filters


I would appreciate object filters to be on schema level rather than connection level. I find that I often I want to see the same object in different environments and on the other hand have to redifine the filter because I do not want to see the identically named object in different schemata e.g. PUBLIC. I guess named filter can achieve the first but fails with the second.



Hi Thiemo!

Just to be sure I guess you would like to use a common named filter for multiple connections to the same database type as indicated in my screenshot below.

The filter I am showing is a simple filter showing databases where the name contains schema. Could you supply us with some more details how this fails in your environment?

Screenshots are always good.

Regards Ulf

Hej Ulf

Thanks for getting at my proposal. The problem with the (named) filter that they apply for all the object types within one connection no matter within which schema they are. Most prominent example to me seems synonyms in Oracle.

There are a multitude of synonyms in the schema PUBLIC, e.g. ALL_%, USER_%, DBA_%. If I set the synonym filter to show me these, I probably will not see many private synonyms in another schema.

Thinking of it, it my just be a petty request.

Kind regards


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