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case sensitive auto completion

Hi There

Im struggling to find the configuration that would allow for identifiers to be automatically placed when using the autocompletion.

The Database I work on is case sensitive however the autocompletion does not place the identifiers required to have the query execute sucessfully.

Select * from SCHEMA.MyTable

This does not work as it needs to be:
Select * from "SCHEMA"."MyTable"

I may be missing something. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Kind regards

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This can be accomplished by setting the a connection property.

The connection property to set is in the Connection Properties Tab of the connection. Select Delimited Identifiers and check the checkbox labeled Auto Completion/Query Builder under the Use of Delimited Identifiers section. Note the top right Global Properties link (blue) where you can set the defaults for all connections to the specific database type. 

Regards Ulf

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