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Support for Cosmos DB NoSQL API


We recently added Azure CosmosDB to our DB environment, and sadly there is no way to connect to it using DBVisualizer that I can find. If I'm missing something please let me know. CData has a JDBC connector but it cost an absurd amount of money, so it really isn't an option. Is there any chance of adding this to the roadmap for DBVisualizer? I much prefer this app over others; I think DataGrip is adding support for this and Azure Data Studio already has it.

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DbVisualizer uses JDBC drivers to connect to SQL and NoSQL databases., however, we do not develop own JDBC drivers. 

For Azure Cosmos DB, it currently seems to be only the CData driver available?

From DbVisualizer you should be able to connect using the CData driver using a custom driver and generic support, but as you mentioned, it is not an option for you

As a new JDBC driver may be created in the future and I will add Azure Cosmos DB to our list of DB candidates.



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