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Can't get Kerberos realm


I have the similar issue ( I have provided 

Product: DbVisualizer Pro 23.1 (build: 3713)

OS: Windows 11

OS Version: 10.0

OS Arch: amd64

Java Version: 17.0.6

Java VM: OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM

Java Vendor: Eclipse Adoptium

Java Home: c:\program files\dbvisualizer\jre

DbVis Home: C:\Program Files\DbVisualizer

User Home: C:\Users\ytigiev

PrefsDir: C:\Users\ytigiev\.dbvis

SessionId: 458

BindDir: C:\Users\ytigiev\.dbvis\[0]

Discussion continued in a private channel.

What was the resolution? Adding 


does not work.

 If --add-exports does not work, can we run recent versions of dbvis on JDK 8?


Easiest to determine is that you try connect (even if it fails) and then open a support ticket in Help->Contact Support



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