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Open tabs in the calling window


I use a (high?) number of (main) windows (Ctrl-Alt-N) and floating tabs (some of them collected into one tab window) 5 and more than 20 respectively. I am not sure whether my problem is a general one or whether it is caused by the number of windows/tabs.

However, when I open a new tab, be it SQL Commander, be it object, script..., it often does not get opened in the calling window but in some other window (probably only non-main window). It is quite annoying to search all the windows to find it.

I am not quite sure whether I remeber correctly, but it could be that I cannot freely organise my tabs by moving them around from any window into any window. My suspicion is, that a tab can only be moved to windows that originated from the same main window or this main window itself.

Another point, maybe related to this, I am not sure whether to open a topic of its own. Sometimes, I have to re-enter the master password when (re-?)connecting to connections even though there are active connections already. I was wondering whether each main window has its own connection pool even though the connection status on the object tree get displayed the same on all main windows.

All in all, I wished that

  • New tabs get opened in the calling main window.
  • Tabs can be moved from any window to any window.
  • Connections are shared over all windows.

I am having this behaviour on Windows but did not test on other platforms.

Varma hälsningar


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Hi Thiemo,

Agree that new tabs should be opened in the calling main window. We will investigate this.

Regarding details of this and the other mentioned items I will discuss in the ticket.

Kind Regards


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