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Environment variables in database connection


I've multiple database connections, the most of them are development databases and use the same user and password that change every 15 days.

I've configured dbvis to use a master password and changing multiple connections password is a little tricky: if I select N connections, edit them and click update, dbvis asks for the master password N times, so it's not really useful.

We use environment variables to store the development database password so I'm thinking if there's a way to use that in the connection window so when it change I've no need to edit every database connection I have.

Or eventually, is there a way to store a "generic password" in dbvis and set connection to use it so I don't have to to change it N times every 15 days?


Hi Fabio,

I believe we have discussed this with you in a separate ticket. 

In next release of DbVisualizer we will improve the Master Password function experience. DbVisualizer will not ask for the master password many times.

Kind regards, 


It will be a very good improvement, thank you very much!

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