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DB Visualizer Result set doesnt display as Thai character

DB Visualizer Result set doesnt display as Thai character. However, if i were to export it as external excel, it will show thai character. How do i configure so that the result set from query will auto show the right encoding?

I dont want to keep on saving as external file in order to view the Thai character.


If i export thru external excel file


Really appreciate for the kind help.

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If your data contains text with non-latin characters, e.g., Asian language characters, you must make sure that the font you use for the grids in DbVisualizer contains those characters.

Open Tools->Tool Properties and select General / Appearance / Fonts. Change the selection for Grid to an appropriate font. You may need to search the net for the name of a font that contains the characters you need. For instance, on Windows the SimSun font should work for Chinese characters and Microsoft New Tai Lue for Thai characters.

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