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Execute buffer via native command line interface


I very often create scripts that are going to be executed against "the" DB on deployment. Usually, those scripts will be run against the DB with their native command line tool, like psql for PostgreSQL or sqlplus for Oracle. However, I cannot run scripts containing PL/SQL like for packages in DbVis without changing the command delimiter which in turn breaks the script for the native cli.

I would love to see the possibility to run a script, I edit in DbVis via the native cli from DbVis like


I do not mean DbVis to support syntax highlighting of sqlplus keywords and so on (though if you decided to do, I would not speak up against ;-) ).

I do not see why configuration of paths and options could not be done by the user in the tool properties. Maybe, a generic possibility to configure would be fine already like the following example for PostgreSQL.

Native CLI name: psql buffer
DB type: PostgreSQL
Call: /usr/local/bin/psql --dbname ${DBNAME}$ --hostname ${HOSTNAME}$ --port ${PORT}$ --username ${USERNAME}$ --password ${PASSWORD}$ --command %BUFFER

# alternative, where instead of the buffer, the saved file gets executed by the cli

Native CLI name: psql file
DB type: PostgreSQL
Call: /usr/local/bin/psql --dbname ${DBNAME}$ --hostname ${HOSTNAME}$ --port ${PORT}$ --username ${USERNAME}$ --password ${PASSWORD}$ --file %FILEPATH

The DbVis variable values are taken from the connection associated with the buffer.

A button next to the explain button with drop-down list sporting the list of the respective DB type clis configured.


In addition, it would be very nice if to those commands there could be keys bound to.


Ha det bra


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Hi Thiemo

Great suggestion Thiemo. We have similar thoughts ourselves to have some kind of external tools integration in DbVisualizer.

I will add your vote for this.

Your detailed description is perfect when looking into this.


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