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Cursor dissapear

I'm testing your application and it seems perfect, but it has a small problem that may be solved with some change in the configuration, although I can't find it. The problem is the following: In the SQL editor, the cursor does not appear when it is at the beginning of the line, and you are moving it with the keyboard. It appears when it is in column 2,3,4, etc. but when it is in column 1, nothing is simply seen. Otherwise, everything works perfectly, and I'm sure I'll buy it. Good job guys!

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Thanks for the appreciation!

The cursor issue is not something we're aware of, we would need a bit more information to look into this (operating system type and version, screen resolution, and a screenshot would be helpful). 

The easiest way is to use Help -> Contact Support to report the issue after the problem occurred; this will compile vital information about the environment and the logs will provide details about the problem (make sure that Attach Logs is checked when submitting the report). Please also attach a screenshot to illustrate the problem. 

Kind regards, 
Peer Törngren
DbVis Software AB
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