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Navigating relationships - keep only one instance instead multiple instances.


I would like to request a different navigation behaviour, ideally configurable, i.e. let the user choose which one she/he likes.

Let's say, t1 is the main table and t2 is a referenced table, and we have a many to 1 relationship. Example: t1 = order table and T2 = order type.

If my main table is T1 and I navigate to T2 from the selected row by making a selection in the Related Table drop-down, currently DBV keeps adding instances of T2 records referenced from the rows I navigate to in T1. If I navigate to a different row in T1, I would have to hit Related Table and add again T2 to be able to view the referenced T2 record from the T1 row I navigated to.

Personally, I don't like this behaviour because it clutters the navigation diagram. Instead, would it be possible to keep in the navigation diagram just one instance of T2 and, if I navigate to a different row in T1 and I go to T2, the data is automatically refreshed with data of the row that is referenced by the T1 row I navigated to?

In my order and order type example, I would like to see just 2 tables in the navigation diagram, and if I navigate to different rows in the order table, I would like DBV to refresh the row in the order type table automatically without having to add the related table again.

If the behaviour I desire is achievable right now, I apologize, I haven't been able to figure out how.



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This is unfortunately not supported, but it sounds like a useful improvement. I will register this request and bring it up for discussion.

Thanks for taking the time to let us know!

Kind regards, 
Peer Törngren
DbVis Software AB
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