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Redshift Stored Procedure Nonatomic Mode

AWS Redshift stored procedures have an atomic and non-atomic mode, the default being atomic but you can add a keyword of NONATOMIC to the stored procedure definition.  Link below:

In DBVisualizer, if you try to add the NONATOMIC keyword to the stored procedure and compile it, it erases the word and then compiles successfully.  Is there something i'm not doing right?  It doesn't seem to matter where you put the keyword either.  We are on the latest version of dbvisualizer. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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Hi Tim,

This looks like a shortcoming that we need to look into. I will register this and bring it up for discussion.
Thanks for taking the time to report it!

Kind regards, 
Peer Törngren
DbVis Software AB
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