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Custom permission modes


I'd appreciate the possibility to create custom permission modes. While the standard profiles work in many of my cases, I would like to create a select only profile where any other command is denied.


Ha det bra


Hi Thiemo,

Are you looking to collect all settings in a named profile and be able to then select between different profiles? Or are you looking for a way to for example Deny all and then Allow/Ask only some which would dramatically reduce the number of clicks/selects?

Any additional information you can provide would be useful.



Hej Roger

Uhm, I am not sure, I quite get your points. If I understood correctly, the first variant is like now just one is able to create new modes custom named and selects the behaviour as one does with the existing hard built in Development, Test and Production.

The second one is also creating a custom named mode, but one selects a global rule, like Deny and then one overrules only the bits one desires to, in my case Deny All and overrule Select to Allow.

Both ways would be fine by me. I do not care whether the first way would be a more tedious one. As one does not create modes often, the "additional" work would not matter to me.

If you happen to overhaul the permission system anyway, you might want to consider a cascading model. E. g.

Mode Select Only

  • Base mode: none
  • Select: Allow
  • Everything else: Deny
Mode Production
  • Base mode: Select only
  • Everthing but Select: Ask
Mode Test
  • Base mode: Production
  • Insert: Allow
  • Create: Allow
  • Commit/Rollback: Allow

Kind regards


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