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Add support for Snowflake SSO on Linux

As many enterprises are becoming increasingly worried about security, standardized security restrictions are being enforced on any connectivity to the enterprise, including database connections.  My company is integrating SSO (Single Sign On) permissioning for database connectivity.  Snowflake supports SSO connectivity in the DB connection string using the "authenticator=externalbrowser" JDBC property.  However, for Java on Linux, this results in the JDBC connection error 

An error occurred while establishing the connection:

Long Message:
The BROWSE action is not supported on the current platform!

   Type: java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException
Stack Trace:
java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: The BROWSE action is not supported on the current platform!
   at java.desktop/java.awt.Desktop.checkActionSupport(
   at java.desktop/java.awt.Desktop.browse(
   at net.snowflake.client.core.SessionUtilExternalBrowser$DefaultAuthExternalBrowserHandlers.openBrowser(

The Snowflake plugin for VSCode has worked around this with a JavaScript function for capturing credentials.

I'd really love to see DbVis support SSO for Snowflake on Linux.

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Thanks for reaching out to us! We will need more information about the environment to be able to tackle this. I'll contact you directly for additional details.

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