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XSD for (export) settings


I want to create a xml settings file (for exports). Is there an xsd for guidance?

So far, I have got the following.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <CsvIncludeSQLCommand>Don't Include</CsvIncludeSQLCommand>
    <TimeStampFormat>yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.SSSSSS</TimeStampFormat>

 However, the AppendFile element gets ignored.

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We don't have an xsd available for ExportSettings, but the various options are documented in the user guide:

Note that some of them are transient, meaning they can be used in the GUI and the @export client-side command but will not be saved to or read from the settings file. At the moment of writing, these are AppendFile, ExcelSheetName, SqlBeginIdentifier, SqlEndIdentifier, SqlMultiRowInsertTemplate, SqlQualifier and TableName.

Hope this helps!



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Hej Dmitry Thanks for pointing out. To it suffices. Maybe a column in the doc to mar the transient ones might help others. Varma hälsningar Thiemo

Ideally, we would not like to promise anything about the internal settings format and would like to have the freedom to change it as we find fit. I will take it up for discussion though, thanks for the suggestion! 

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I totally understand that you don't eagerly display internals to the pubic. I was under the impression that if you document the use of a settings file for export by @export in the user guide, details of the settings could not be internal. My bad. Then, maybe, a hint in the documentation that one should generate the settings file by the grid export feature, might be appropriate and that manually maintained files were not supported.
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