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I often work for clients that have a huge number of objects. The naming of them can follow complicated rules or maybe rather they have simple rules for their own objects but take in objects of other applications with their naming conventions. Well, naming consistency is always an issue. I usually try to set up filters finding objects belonging to the same topic. As there are many topics, I get many filters and it is tedious to skim through them. I would appreciate the possibility to quick filter them by a field. where when typing, the filtering gets done immediately. In the sample below, when typing an O, the list would get reduced to all filters containing an O (case insensitive), like the first couple, when next typing an L, the list would get reduce to all filters containing an OL, like the first two. I would actually prefer if there was an optional column called like "Topic" to prevent no-hits, like when typing COL the first entry would, due to its complex filter value, not get into the list.


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My workaround is to have at the beginning of my regexp a part for the topic that does not influence the working of the entire regexp as follows.


Is it wishing time, the fairy somewhere around? I would love to see a "not regexp". "Not like" is just not flexible enough. *blush*


Thanks for the suggestion, it sounds like a good idea. I will bring up both filtering (of filters) and adding a topic/description field with the rest of team.

When it comes to negating a regex, I understand your pain and will also bring it up for discussion. In the meanwhile, you can achieve the same effect by using negation within the regex itself, specifically by surrounding your expression with (?!(?: and )$).*

For example:

  • Original regex for any name containing a: .*a.*
  • Regex for any any name not containing a: (?!(?:.*a.*)$).*



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Thanks for taking up the issue. And for the hint of the in-pattern negation. I am, however, reluctant to adopt. My regexp tend to be unreadable without it. But maybe, I am overly concerned because the my negated patterns would be much simpler. Hälsningar
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