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Offline-association of workingsets with connections


Maybe this is just a trifle, however, I wonder why a connection must be active/connected to assign it a workingset. I have the same workingset for several environment like DEV, TEST, PROD. I can prepare it with one connection but to assign it to the other environments, I need to connect each to associate the workingset. A bit cumbersome to me.

To me, it would be nice to have the possibility to assign workingset when the connection is not active, possibly at the following place.


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Hi Thiemo,

I agree, if I understand correctly. The creation of a filter does require a connection because the tree is dynamically loaded and depends on what database and version is being connected to. 

However. assigning an already existing set should not require a connection in and of itself since the filters are not being edited. This will be taken up for discussion with the rest of the team to check if everyone is in agreement.

Kind regards,


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Hi Edward

Thanks for taking this up. I was under the impression that the filters were just text bits applied to an object list after a connection is established (well, actually only when the respective branch of the tree is opened?) on more (regexp) or less (is) ways.. Insofar, I do not see the need for an active connection when the bits are created. Sure, it helps when you can skim through the list, but necessity? I noticed that the filter element gets activated on editing (or being duplicated). Maybe this is a reason, however, if there is no active connection, I do not see the need to apply anything. Just my two dimes.

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Just a quick thought of analogy.

I see the filters much like the SQL commander. One can edit the code to ones liking without having even an inactive connection to it. If one executes it, either the associated connection gets connected or one is asked to associate a connection to the commander. The latter is unnecessary with the filter, it seems to me.

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