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Allow to dock the grid result to the right

Would you please implement a feature to drag and drop to dock the grid result from the bottom to the right hand side of the editor.

Thank you!

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Hi Phuong,

Depending on your monitor setup this is an understandable request. I will open an internal ticket where
we can discuss it and figure out if we can add it to a future version of DbVisualizer.
It is a bit of a tricky question since each SQL Editor you have can have its own set of result grids (and log).
So if we pin it to the right would that be per editor? or something else, there are many questions that
we will have to answer if we try to implement this.

I hope you already know that you can detach the result grid to its own window, see the user guide:
This will not persist over application restarts, but it can probably help you during one session.

You can of course also drag the editors around to change the layout into multiple columns or rows, this 
is not what you are asking for, but it may of course be useful to get a small part of the way.

Kind Regards, 
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