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Persistent reference graphs


I would love to see the possibility to save reference graphs in a way, I can modify them after a restart of DbVis. Actually, writing this I have got a bigger idea than just persist reference graphs for later rework. Imagine…

I have a pane where I can drag and drop tables into and DbVis suggests according to DB metadata to drop in other tables (FK), but not only tables are suggested but also views that use the tables and stored code (packages, procedures, functions, triggers, you name it). Imagine, while doing so, I can assigne objects to different layers with different colours maybe predefined by the schema they reside in. Imagine, I could save the result into a format that I can read out again, maybe SVG maybe GML, maybe something extended thereof, and read it in after a restart of DbVis and could adapt it. Imagine, I could switch on and off this layers of DB visualisation like the layers of a graphics programme like Krita, Gimp or Photoshop. Imagine, I could tell the layouter to consider only some layers or an actual selection of DB objects. Imagine, I could add annotations like PostIt note. Imagine, a tool tip would show the object comment stored in the DB when the pointer hovers over it. Imagine, DbVis was turned inside out and it started with such a graphical representation of the DB, and one drills down into the graph for further information. Still, the possibility of a SQL commander remains.

Maybe I should not smoke those weeds anymore. ;-D

Varma hälsningar


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